Salvaged Pages by Alexandra Zapruder

Yale University Press
Paperback: 504 pages


In the Classroom

Salvaged Pages and I’m Still Here have reached tens of thousands of school-age children nationwide and led to the creation of educational materials, lesson plans, plays, and projects designed to bring the diaries of these young writers to life in the classroom.  The following list provides several guides to using Salvaged Pages and I’m Still Here with students.

For Teachers

Letter to Teachers Download PDF
A letter to teachers from Alexandra Zapruder

Diary Excerpt Cheat Sheet Download PDF
Alexandra’s short guide to using diary excerpts from Salvaged Pages in the classroom.  

Bibliography of Diaries Download PDF
Alexandra’s most up-to-date list diaries written by young people during the Holocaust and World War II, including non-Jewish victims and diary collections. 

Study Guide to I’m Still Here Download PDF
An in-depth educator’s guide to using I’m Still Here in the classroom.  Developed by Facing History and Ourselves and Alexandra Zapruder. 

Salvaged Pages: Writing as a Response to Literature
Lesson plan developed by Barbara Wahlberg, a teacher at Cranston High School East in Rhode Island and a former Mandel Fellow at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Learn more

Interview with Peter Feigl, USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History Foundation Watch

One Man, Two Voices: Peter Feigl’s Diary and Testimony
Educational resource developed for the USC Shoah Foundation Institute’s website. Designed as a presentation model for teachers to use with their students, this collection of primary sources includes the pairing of Peter’s wartime diary with his post-war video testimony as a Holocaust survivor.  Also included are previously unpublished letters, forms, and photos to offer students a broader perspective and additional context for Peter’s war-time experiences.  The project seeks to engage students in historical inquiry and to foster an enduring personal connection with wartime diarist and Holocaust survivor, Peter Feigl. 

History and Legacy: The Diary of Otto Wolf and The Rescuers of Trsice
In a project created by New Jersey teacher Colleen Tambuscio, American students travel to Trsice and Olomouc in the Czech Republic to find the surviving rescuers of Otto Wolf’s family. A website devoted to this project will include photos of the Wolf family’s hideouts and key locations mentioned in the diary, as well as a video of the students’ experiences and interviews with some of the  rescuers.  Please contact Alexandra via her website for more information. “World War II Remembered”
Transcript of May 14, 2002 interview with Alexandra Zapruder about Salvaged Pages. The interview questions were asked by students online. Learn more